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Volume 10, Issue 13 June 23, 2016
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Synod Office Update
Reformation Commemoration
Bus Trip to Minneapolis
Missional Network RAMP UP
MNO Synod Mission Trip 2016
Changes to CrossWord
MNO Synod Summer Office Hours
Have You Been to Cameroon YET?
Live Simply
Yooth Loops
Urban Update
Luther Village Update
Statement of the Manitoba Multifaith Council on the Recent Tragedies
25th Annual Palliative Care Conference
Job Opps
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Synod Office Update, June 2016
Greetings to congregations, councils and rostered leaders,

Highlights of convention:
* Approved new synod bylaws that changed how we operate and structure ourselves, how we choose national convention delegates, where we give voice and vote to retired rostered ministers;
* Approved harmonized compensation guidelines for 2017-2018
* Offerings to LWF Endowment Fund and ELCIC Praise Appeal
* Approval of 2017-2018 Budgets
* Election of synod council members: Rev. Jason Zinko, Tom Brook, Yolanda Yobb and new chair of council, Heather Howdle
* Election of 2017 national convention delegates, lay, youth and rostered
* Election to LTS Board- Rev. David Lowe
* Outstanding key note presentations by Anglican Indigenous Bishop Mark MacDonald, Bishop Susan Johnson and Rev. Dr Tim Wray

It has been two months since we gathered together in convention at St. Paul’s, Steinbach. What a great time of fellowship, networking, decision making and reflection. We were particularly blessed by worship leadership (chaplains, choral group, volunteers, presiders, preachers); by our keynote speakers who challenged and encouraged us to live out the LWF theme “Salvation Not for Sale. Human Beings Not for Sale. Creation Not for Sale”; by great hospitality with the folks of St. Paul’s; by delegates who were engaged and aware of the issues before us; by leadership from our Chair, Brian Lorch and our secretary, Pastor Carol Janke, with assistance from our Treasurer, Allan Francis. I am sure there were many other ways we were blessed to be together.

Congregational Statistics and Notes
* We currently have two active call processes and one inactive process in place
* There are 20 full time ministries in the synod; 2 in 2 point parishes
* There are 12 single congregations using the synod supply list at a minimum of 2 times per month;
* There are 16 congregations in partnerships with other congregations; 9 are using supply ministers
* The supply list has dwindled to about a dozen regular servants, mostly retirees; several are providing supply to the congregations they worship with so may not be on the supply list
* If we were realistic about our context, we could say 35 of our 55 congregations are doing ministry at less than full time, in terms of time and finances

With this kind of context, we are aware of what this means for benevolence and support to partnerships like LUM, LV, CLWR and ELCIC, as well as for synod staffing. If the current statistics continue, we will be looking at a different configuration of staffing in 2017 and 2018 where synod staffing will not be resourcing congregations but working with partnerships and AREA leadership.

Survey of New Ideas
We have heard from congregations concerned about their volunteer treasurers base and how some of the financial work could be centralized. With that in mind we are suggesting two things we could investigate:
* a central payroll system for all congregations, ministries and synod office. If you are interested, please let Debbie Beyer know (dbeyer@elcic.ca). We will do further work on this if there is an interest.
* There was also a question of whether the congregations wanted an automatic withdrawal system set up at synod office for congregations to submit their benevolence payments.

If you have other ideas of how we might coordinate administration, please don’t hesitate to drop us your ideas to consider and survey with other congregations

Reformation Commemoration
We continue to encourage congregations and individuals to support the ELCIC Reformation Challenge - scholarships to students in the Holy Land, planting trees, LWF Endowment and refugee sponsorships.

There has been an interest in coordinating other reformation commemoration events in 2017. Some of the ideas floating around are: choral festivals, special worship services, Art exhibits, plays, concerts, study groups, pub nights, large scale picnics, Medieval Games, etc.

Have an idea and looking for partners to do it with you?
Lets put a note on the website/facebook page and find partners.

Synod office is willing to coordinate and promote a synod wide emphasis from November 2016 to November 2017. We will begin to post ideas or your events on the synod website and Facebook page should the information reach the Communications Coordinator by November 1, 2017. We would also encourage partnerships wherever possible, and for events to be ecumenical as well. We would like to ensure that there are no conflicts of dates for congregations/groups and would be especially excited if we had an event every week anywhere across the synod. Wouldn’t it be great to travel around our synod to a variety of events and activities?

Here are some events already planned:

November 10-13, 2016: Bus Trip to Minneapolis to visit Luther Exhibit (See item below)
July, 2017 ELCIC National Convention Celebratory Worship Service
November 17, 2017 Lecture presentation by renowned Luther scholar, Dr. Tim Wengert, St. Stephen and St. Bede, Winnipeg 

MNO Synod’s Reformation Commemoration Kick-off
Bus Trip to Minneapolis to Visit “Luther Exhibit” – November 10-13, 2016
The MNO Synod is hosting an inter-generational bus trip to visit the "Luther Exhibit" at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. This is an exhibit of Martin Luther artifacts that have traveled from Germany to North America for the first time ever.

In addition to the Luther Exhibit, other activities are being planned, and some free time will be available.

Watch for more details and registration information including fees in the August 25th Crossword. Registration for the bus trip will begin in September.

Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
There will be a limit of 45 participants.
Find more information on the tour here
Coming This Fall - Missional Network RAMP UP
God's Holy Spirit is on the move in the church, breaking in, getting our imaginations unstuck, moving us to become "pregnant with possibilities” for encounters with God in the neighbourhoods where we are planted. Instead of retreating into the safe "back yard of our church buildings" for God encounters, the Spirit is moving us "onto the front step" of our neighborhoods. Come and find out more about a particular process that Anglicans and Lutheran will engage in together, a process of listening, discerning, experimenting and reflecting that will help birth both new imagination and new encounters with God.

September 14 - 5:30-8:30 pm - "The Process Outlined" with Dr. Alan Roxburgh (for all interested folks both in person and via ADOBE Connect)
September 15 - 9:00-11:30 am - "What the Process Means for Rostered Ministers" with Dr. Roxburgh
October 1 - 10:00- 2:00 - "First Cluster Gathering" (outside of Winnipeg)
October 15 - 10:00- 2:00 - "First Cluster Gathering" (in Winnipeg)
Save these dates and times. Places for each gathering - TBA
MNO Synod Mission Trip 2016
August 26-30

We have a unique opportunity to serve the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Saskatoon.
The seminary is in need of a "spruce up", as well as an opportunity to share its ministry
with MNO Synod, one of its owners. We are looking for workers (youth and adults alike)
who would be willing to journey with us to Saskatoon for a few days at the end of August.
If you have a passion for painting and light maintenance, let's take the journey together.

Join Bishop Elaine and others for a few days to make a difference.

A registration form will be available on the synod website soon.

Changes to CrossWord
The MNO Synod will be rolling out some new ideas for CrossWord in the fall. Potential changes include: returning to publishing the newsletter weekly with less items in each issue, deadline returning to Tuesday at noon with a publishing date of Wednesday and readers receiving the newsletter in the body of an email rather than through the website.

This is the last issue prior to the summer break. Production will begin with the issue that will come out on August 24. Please have all items to Rick Scherger rscherger@elcic.ca by noon on Tuesday, August 23.
MNO Synod Summer Office Hours
During July and August, the Synod office will be open
Monday through Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The office will also be closed on Monday, August 3rd.
Have You Been to Cameroon YET?
We're gathering names of youth and young adults who might be interested in the summer 2017 Cameroon Companions: YET (Youth Engagement Trip).

Do you know someone between the ages of 16 and 25 who might enjoy a cross cultural experience and is mature, responsible, able to deal well with changing environments, and willing to step out of their comfort zone? If so - please take a few minutes to share this web link with them: https:/cameroonYET.weebly.com

Interested youth and young adults are encouraged to send their name, email and cell number to Rev. Larry Ulrich (lulrich@elcic.ca) by September 1, 2016 so we can follow up with more information this Fall.

Thanks for your help and keep watch for updates in the coming months.

Time to Start Planning
In the past two weeks, every congregation will have received a mailing from our National Church which included the Giving magazine and various pieces to conduct an annual stewardship emphasis called "Live Simply".

While Biblical teachings on stewardship have a year-round place in the life of a healthy congregation, an annual response program in fall can be a critically important practice for the giver and the congregation related to raising up spiritually mature disciples. Think about your congregation's vision and mission. What new ideas might you put in place that will invite your people to invest their energy, prayers and money with you in God's work? Can online and electronic methods be incorporated into your congregation's modes of giving?

Whether you have a regular stewardship team or whether this task is charged to an ad hoc group in your church, find a time now to bring the group together to look at the materials and begin to brainstorm the plans. In that way, when fall busy schedules come into play, you are ahead of the game.

Should you desire to look at different materials than this year's emphasis, don't hesitate to be in contact with Pastor Larry at lulrich@elcic.ca
Yooth Loops
MNO Bus Trip t-shirts
Are you going to CLAY? Is your Home Team from MNO? Order a t-shirt.

Let Pastor Tyler know by July 7. Email tgingrich@elcic.ca or check with your youth leader for more information.

If you are going to CLAY, and you want to order a t-shirt, but are not registered for the MNO/SK Bus Trip, the cost is $10/shirt (Cheques can be sent to, and made payable to, MNO Synod).
Post-CLAY event
Pencil in the afternoon/evening of Sunday, September 18, and plan to get together with other youth who were at CLAY from MNO. (More information later in the Summer - stay tuned!)
The Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) gathering happens every two years. This year, it is in Charlottetown, PEI, August 17-21. The MNO Synod, along with SK Synod, youth will be on a Bus Trip in the Maritimes August 15-17. Keep youth and leaders in your prayers as they travel, this Summer
The Urban Update
Letter of Appeal to Congregations
The Lutheran Urban Ministry (the Urban) is in financial difficulty in the ability to regularly meet monthly operating expenses. This outreach ministry to the poor and disenfranchised of Winnipeg’s inner city is not a church body in the usual sense of being able to have a stewardship month every year and rely on pledges to set the budget. The MNO generously provides $1666.00/month (20% of the operating budget) to the Urban and the remainder comes from the generosity of designated giving in the offering plates of the MNO congregations.

The Board of Directors is making an appeal to the congregations to commit a monthly dollar amount in designated giving. We also realize that, of the 58 congregations within the MNO, there are quite a number of congregations struggling financially. 

The Directors of LUM Corp. are praying that many of the congregations of the MNO can commit a donation of a minimum of $50.00/week or alternatively, any other amount that might be possible. In many cases it represents, within each congregation, a loonie or toonie per adult/week toward our Lutheran outreach. 
Read the entire appeal letter here
Need for Emergency Food at the Urban
Pasta (macaroni, spaghetti, egg noodles, Side Kicks, rice); canned meat (salmon, tuna, ham, Klik or Spam, ravioli, zoodles); instant noodles (beef, chicken, mama noodles); cereal; soups (tomato, vegetable, chicken noodle, mushroom, Campbell's chunky soups); Kraft Dinner; peanut butter; jams; crackers; cookies; jarred baby food; baby formula; diapers (sizes 4 & 5); baby wipes; shampoos; socks (men's, women's & children's); toilet paper; tooth brushes.

Also needed: empty margarine/yogurt containers; plastic grocery bags.

Please contact rhonda@theurban.ca for drop off times. Thanks so much.

Available Dates Open for Meal Teams
June 23, 28; July 7, 13, 17, 20, 24, 28;
August 17, 18, 21, 28, 31;
September 1, 4, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22, 25, 29;
October 6, 12, 16, 19, 20, 23, 27;
November 3, 9, 16, 17, 24, 27, 30;
December 1, 14, 15, 18, 21, 22, 29
Luther Village Update
lvSummer is here. If you are wondering if you can still book some time at Luther Village – cabins, camping, for Family or Youth camps, yes you can! Some weeks of Family camps are already full, but there are a few cabins and camping spots still available for a week away with your family or a week to experience the greatness of youth camp.
Please email or all the office to book your reservation and help us fill camp for the summer.

Our spring has been busy with school and other groups as well as some weekend retreats and programs. We are having fun with a school of 103 people here right now and go right into our Small Fry camp this weekend. Staff have been working hard ministering to and educating our campers and we are ready for the busy summer full of programs coming up in 10 days! Please join us!

Follow us on Instagram @luthervillager and like our Facebook page to keep up to date with what we are doing. And remember in prayer Luther Village, all its staff and campers. #seeyouatLV
Statement of the Manitoba Multifaith Council on the Recent Tragedies
The MMC joins the global chorus of horror and dismay at the recent waves of violence perpetrated by some accounts and to some perspectives attributable to the religious impulse, in the immolation of 19 Yazidi women by the forces of Daesh (IS) in early June and the shootings in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in the early hours of June 12. We lift up several foundational concerns that extend beyond the visceral revulsion provoked by such acts. We acknowledge and confess that all too often in the course of human history religious communities of all stripes have betrayed the founding impulses of their communities. We pledge yet again to stand by our convictions that: the entire Creation is G_d’s; that within Creation all human beings are made in the image of the Divine; and that consequently, the image of God in all humans implies that each person has “infinite value, equality and uniqueness.” (Rabbi Irving Greenberg).

We hold these convictions to be universal human values, regardless of race, religion, orientation, or nationality. We hold these precepts to be as close to the will of G_d as we can conceive.

We call upon all Manitobans, whether people of faith or no faith; we call on people of good will everywhere to:

  • * Resist superficial analysis of these tragedies and the religious implications of each;
  • * To suspend judgment concerning motivations and meaning in the face of apparent meaningless;
  • * To refrain from xenophobic suspicion of the other;
  • * To pursue open dialogue amongst people of differing religious traditions and ideological positions;
  • * To seek always and everywhere to be agents of reconciliation, instruments of peace and understanding in contrast to the demagogue urgings of those who would pervert religious faith or human ideals to the demonic ends of hatred and bigotry;
  • * To embrace complexity in all aspects of the human adventure.

We urge the leaders of our province and our nation to recall the provisions of Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which recognize the integrity and liberty of religious expression and to apply that recognition to all policies of our province and nation, whether domestic or global.

We remember, soberly and hopefully John Dunne’s conviction that “no (one) is an island,” and the wisdom of the late Rabbi Harry Joshua Stern that we will have “one world or no world.”

25th Annual Provincial Palliative Care Conference
Strong Foundations for the Future
2 Days
3 Keynote Speakers
28 Concurrent Sessions
Unlimited Insights

September 22 & 23, 2016
Victoria Inn Hotel and Conference Centre
1808 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Click here to see the conference brochure.

For more information, please contact:
Jackie Bouvier
Conference Coordinator
Palliative Manitoba
204.889.8525 ext. 228
Toll Free: 1.800.539.0295
Job Opps
ELCIC Group Services Inc. (GSI) is seeking an accounting & office assistant for about 15 hours a week, starting August 2, 2016 in downtown Winnipeg. In this role you will work with human resources data, process accounts receivable, and complete various office tasks.

The following qualifications would be strong assets in your application:

  • business administration / accounting certificate
  • complete ease and comfort working with Microsoft Office products
  • an understanding of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada’s mission and organizational structure.

If you love digging into the details, pride yourself on accuracy, and are a clear communicator, then we’d like to hear from you. Please send your expression of interest and a resume to Lisa Thiessen, Executive Director lthiessen@elcicgsi.ca.

GSI administers pension and benefits plans that enhance the well-being of employees who serve in the ELCIC and its affiliates.
Part-time Employment Opportunities
Abundant Life Lutheran Church in East St Paul, MB is seeking the following:

Caretaker (Casual)
Approximately 3 hours/wk.
Details of remuneration and responsibilities available upon request.

Office Administration (Part-time)
Approximately 7 hours/wk.
Reception, mail, bulletins, records and financial data entry
Details of remuneration and responsibilities available upon request.

Starting dates, asap.
Please email questions and applications to allife@mymts.net

Church Musician Opportunity at Sherwood Park Lutheran Church
Sherwood Park Lutheran Church located in East Kildonan is looking for a part-time, contract musician (organ/piano) who will play liturgy and hymns for Sunday worship and special services (One Sunday off per month). Duties also include accompanying adult choir and soloists.

For more details and application information, please see our website at www.sherpark.ca, email us at office@sherpark.ca or call 204.661.3947. Deadline for applications is July 10, 2016.


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