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Empowered by God!
Shepherding the church!
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Around the Synod Missional Directions
MNO Synod invites rostered and lay leaders to a leadership event.
Mark your calendars - October 4, 2014
Messiah Lutheran, Winnipeg

Reflections on our sense of call
Reflections on our vocation
Reflections on how we lead in the church

Afternoon - Two workshops
Care for Creation - how can we be involved in creative ways
Creating a Pastoral Care Team - through the use of Communion of the Assembly resource
Check the next CrossWord for more information.

45th Annual Thanksgiving Retreat
Attached is information for you as a leader, registration forms for both leaders and youth (Grade 7-12), information for parents and youth, and a poster. Please circulate the information to your youth and parents and encourage participation. Thank you so much.

Letter to Youth Leaders
Leader Registration
Youth Registration
Youth and Parent information
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Strengthen All God’s People for Discipleship
* Equipping all people by engaging, encouraging, mentoring, and sending out
* More than about strengthening congregations and rostered leaders
* Use of Book of Faith resources, mission events, Companion Synod relationship and congregational council leadership
* Ecumenical leadership events
Embrace Passionately a Call to Spiritual Renewal Through: Prayer, Study, Scripture, Worship, Give, Tell, Service
* Increasing our spiritual practices
* Emphasis on the call to spiritual renewal from the ELCIC
* Promoting and using the ELCIC resources for spiritual renewal
* Promote retreats and gatherings around spiritual practices, i.e. youth
* Confirmation resources which include parent/student conversations
* Promoting the One Year Bible
Celebrate the Abundance of God’s Gifts
* Reframing attitudes about scarcity to lead to attitudes of abundance
* Gift inventory tools
* Fostering hope in the rural setting and small congregations
* Promote area strategies for ministry
* Stewardship learning
* Telling the story of congregational successes
Nurture Relationships With Neighbouring Congregations and the Community at Large
* Building connections between congregations and synod AND between congregations and congregations, as well as with the communities we are in a relationship with
* Combined worship services with ecumenical partnerships
* Pooling resources and playing to the strengths of congregations
* Investigating and implementing house churches
* Dialogue with community leaders, agencies and government entities

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Bagging Bannock and Soup at the Urban
ELCIC Staff and Urban Staff and Volunteers gathered on Monday to bag ingredients for Hemp Seed Bannock and Chili Bean Soup
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For a list of available supply pastors to help out during holidays, etc., click here.
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It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts! Honour that family member or friend with everything with a CLWR Gifts from the Heart, and share God's love with the world. These project-specific and representative gifts help to feed families, provide knowledge, improve health, and preserve creation in the communities where CLWR works.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada members and independent supporters will get one in the mail if they've donated to us in recent years, or they can pick one up at their church by mid-October or by contacting CLWR. The catalogue is already available on our website:
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